It all started with my passion for blue. I quickly became interested in the different NUANCES of blue and the different possibilities of what could be created with these colors…. And thats when my creative journey began.

Therefore, it continues to be a pleasure to choose and arrange different designs and interact with graphic designers from around the world and create just cute things that are unique and affordable.

That is how i finally opened my own gift boutique on etsy and started selling unique patterns on my products.  Month after month, I would find new practical products on wich could be enhenced new patterns from around the world.

Along came the making of bracelets, rings, key hoders, magnets, earrings, cufflinks.

At the request of customers, small boxes and portable mirrors appeared. Different bookmarks for thirsty readers have charmed many.

Visiting my boutique is an insurance that you will find a pattern that suits you or someone else.

All my products are cute, original and tasteful. They offer themselves as gifts to family members, friends, colleagues and, of course, to oneself!

You can visit my Etsy Shop for a collection of over 1000 different shades.

Have a great visit,